You will need
  • henna;
  • - Basma;
  • - lemon juice;
  • water;
  • - ceramic or glass container;
  • - shower cap or film;
  • - a towel
  • conditioner for hair;
  • - chamomile;
  • - rhubarb;
  • - carnation;
  • - saffron;
  • - cranberry juice;
  • - hibiscus;
  • - Cahors;
  • tea;
  • - ground coffee.
To give dark hair a reddish tint, use natural henna. The technology is simple: in a ceramic bowl thoroughly mix the henna with hot (70-75 ° C) water to the consistency of "liquid slurry" (a ratio of about 1:2), add to the mix a few drops of lemon juice. Let slightly cool and then apply on clean and slightly damp hair. Wrap the head wrap or wear a shower cap, and the top insulated with a towel.
Wait the dyeing time is from 10 minutes to a half hour depending on the intensity of the desired shade. Then rinse the part with warm water and use a conditioner. After the procedure is not to wash your hair with shampoo for up to 3 days. Henna will not only color hairbut will also make them more well-groomed, get rid of dandruff and hair loss. Just keep in mind that painted with henna hair won't use any chemical hair dye until the color is not washed away completely.
Mix henna with Basma in the ratio of 1:1 to receive on the brown hair of a natural shade. 2 parts natural henna and 1 part Basma will color your hair in a bronze color, and 1 part of henna powder and 2 parts Basma in blue-black. Do not use the Basma as a separate colorant, if you don't want to flaunt a blue or blue-green hair.
Boil henna with chamomile extract (0,5 cups of boiling water with 1 tablespoon of chamomile to steep for half an hour) and shade on the hair will be Golden. And when mixed with cloves (10 grams of spice to 100 grams of prepared pulp henna) – more vivid.
Give your hair honey color. To do this, add in henna an infusion of saffron. Cook it simply: a few stamens spices boil for 60 milliliters of water for a few minutes, then pour the broth into the henna. The same color can be achieved if grind 20 grams of rhubarb, add water and let it sit in the mixture for 20 minutes on low heat. Then it needs to drain and add to the henna.
Color hair in the noble mahogany color with henna and cranberry juice. Before the procedure, lubricate the hair with berry juice and let dry. Then apply a paste of henna, which added the same cranberry juice, and soak time required.
Get the hair a reddish tint, henna is not diluted with water, and heated to 70 degrees Celsius Cahors. After coloring your hair will acquire a brown color with a hint of cherry. Cahors can be replaced thick hot infusion of hibiscus.
Become the owner of a natural chestnut color hair, coloring them with henna with the addition of rhubarb. Dry powdered rhubarb leaves (3 grams), add to the henna powder, and then carry out the procedure as usual.
You will get a light brown shade if henna will add strong tea (3 teaspoons of tea per Cup of boiling water) or real strong coffee (not instant!).