You will need
  • - Basma
  • - henna
  • - glassware
  • - a brush for applying paint to the hair
To avoid getting green, which stains Basma, apply it to freshly washed wet hair after the initial dyeing with henna or with henna.
Take necessary, depending on hair length and desired color, the amount of dry powder of henna and Basma, ranging between 25 to 100 g.
To dye the hair with Basma and to achieve the desired effect will help the following relationship: chestnut brown color after exposure to the two colors in equal parts, bronze color you will achieve after applying the henna and Basma in the ratio of 1 part of the first 2 parts of the second dye, however, the 2nd part of the Basma in combination with 1 part of henna gives black hair.
In a glass or porcelain dish mash with a wooden spoon powder with hot water, warmed red wine or strong infusion of hot black coffee. In order to evenly paint the hair with Basma add shampoo, glycerin or flax seed decoction.
The skin around the hairline grease with a fat cream or vaseline, which will help to avoid staining of the strip on the face in bright yellow trudnosmyvaemye color. In the middle put, that has been lightly dry hair with a towel.
Dilute the remaining slurry with hot water at one third and apply on hair ends, then wrap hair with plastic wrap and top wrap with a towel to create a thermal effect.
For a light coloured paint hold from 10 to 40 minutes for dark – from 1 to one and a half hours. Further, a hair rinse with warm water without shampoo. Only a day hair can be rinsed with acidified water.