You will need
  • - turpentine ointment;
  • - med;
  • - bear fat;
  • - badger fat;
  • - baby cream.
Use the ointment for these diseases. If you have acute arthritis, apply ointment on the inflamed joints, rubbing into the skin. Apply turpentine ointment can, 3 times a day and at night. The same method is use for inflammation of the muscles, sprains, neuralgia, bursitis elbow, knee and shoulder joints.
In inflammatory diseases of the bronchi, acute respiratory infections, SARS, influenza, the common cold apply ointment on the chest and back, and on foot. Wear wool underwear and socks. The ointment helps to quickly deal with colds and viral diseases without resorting to more radical methods. When rubbing the chest and back avoid applying the ointment on the region of the heart.
For children rubbing turpentine ointment , use two years, in consultation with the district pediatrician. The most effective to RUB the ointmentth feet of the child and immediately put under a warm blanket. For the best actions put the baby wool socks.
Do not use turpentine ointment, if you or your child's fever, razrushena or damaged skin. Also ointment should not be used when kidney disease, asthma, allergic reactions, diseases of the liver, dermatitis, hypersensitive.
Use the ointment no more than 7-10 days. If you need a longer application, get the recommendation of your doctor.
If you are using the ointment, the skin becomes red, you can mix equal proportions of cream and the turpentine ointment , and to use the composition for its intended purpose. For colds, mix the ointment with liquid honey or with the badger, bear grease in equal proportions. RUB your skin of back, chest and feet. After a few days you will forget about the disease.
In exceptional cases, when the application of the ointment may increase the heart rate, asphyxiation, convulsions, drop in blood pressure. If you have any side effects, immediately flush the areas with applied ointmentYu with soap and water and contact your doctor.