Before washing things with a greasy stain, it must be pre-processed. Apply a crushed chalk or talc, cover with blotting paper on top and put it under the stain and iron with a warm iron. Then, if necessary, thing to clean stain remover or a solution of salt. To a solution of ½ teaspoon of salt mixed with 3 tablespoons of normal liquid ammonia. Such a solution applied to the stain with cotton wool or a soft cloth, which are replaced as needed.Stains of wax and paraffin is removed in the same way, using the iron after Ironing it with a stain still treated with denatured alcohol.
Spots with velvet and plush can be removed by rubbing them with turpentine or alcohol. And to use iron in such tissues you should not.
If the grease stain put on wool cloths you will help gasoline. It should be put on the spot with a cotton swab or a soft cloth starting from the edges, gradually moving to the center spot. Cotton or cloth should be changed as it gets dirty.
If the fat stain is not very old, then it is easily removed using regular table salt. For this it poured on the stain and a little rubbed. Salt needs to be changed up until the stain is completely gone.
If you want to remove stains from fabrics that wash is not recommended, you can use hot-potato starch. To do this, under the place that is to be processed, is enclosed by a dense light fabric. On top of the stain, sprinkle with potato starch, which after 15-20 minutes, gently shake. This procedure is repeated until complete disappearance of the spots. After which the product should be thoroughly cleaned with a brush.
If greasy shirt collar, before each wash it should be slightly wet and RUB the soap, and then wash the thing in the usual way. If you need to remove soiled places on the clothes, wipe it with cotton wool soaked in strong salt solution. If the stains remain, RUB them in ammonia.