You will need
  • Purified benzene, alcohol, white spirit, acetone, turpentine, ammonia, glycerin, hydrogen peroxide, stain remover.
Observe safety precautions when working with solvents. Remove to fresh air (balcony or the street), wear rubber gloves to protect the skin from the harmful effects of drugs. Moreover, before proceeding to remove stains, ensure that the fabric is not damaged. It is necessary to apply a few drops of solvent to the seam of the product. If after 5 minutes the fabric is not changed color, you can continue cleaning.
Remove old stain from grease by using solvents, such as refined gasoline, rubbing alcohol, white spirit or acetone. Moisten a cotton pad in the remedy and treat the contaminated area. To prevent streaks, clean the stain from the edges to the middle. Then wash the product with the addition of a small amount of stain remover and rinse in running water.
Use turpentine for removing stubborn stains of oil paint. Saturate soiled area agent and wait 10-15 minutes. When the paint is soft, rinse the cloth in a concentrated solution of baking soda. Then wash in warm soapy water.
Print old stains of blood ammonia. Wipe off the dirt with cotton pad soaked in degreaser. Then prepare a weak solution of borax (1 teaspoon on 200 ml of water) and finish the trail from the spot.
Mix 1 tablespoon of glycerin and 1 teaspoon of ammonia in a glass of water. This solution can easily withdraw stains on silk and wool fabrics. Soaked cotton swab wipe off the dirt. Then rinse the cloth in warm boiled water and wash as usual.
Prepare a mixture of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, taken in equal proportions. Solution soak the old stain and leave for a few hours. After rinse the treated area under running water. If there is a trace from stains, apply some stain remover or bleach. Thus can be easily removed stains from red wine.