Patients do not react to external stimuli, they cannot establish contact, reflexes fade away almost to extinction, depth and frequency of breathing changes, temperature regulation of the body is disturbed, the pulse slows or quickens, eyes closed, reaction to pain is missing – these are external signs of the onset of coma.
The duration of the rise of deep inhibition in the cerebral cortex varies depending on the underlying cause. For example, if diabetic hypoglycaemia deterioration which can lead to loss of consciousness is gradual, and severe trauma to the brain - instantly.
In the initial evaluation of a coma, the doctors are trying to determine the level of consciousness of the patient is preserved by his spontaneous actions, classifying them according to a special AVPU scale. More perfect is considered the scale of Glasgow.
Since to obtain information from the patient is impossible, the doctors are trying to reconstruct prekomatosnoe state witnesses – friends, relatives, colleagues who were in this period of time with the patient. This is done to determine the cause and establish methods of treatment. So, if you are familiar with the patient or were with him, remember everything that happened as precisely as possible answer the questions. Namely, not whether the patient's diabetes, stroke, or seizures; what drugs he took; and whether there was evidence before the loss of consciousness dizziness, numbness, problems with vision; how quickly came the coma.
Coma differs from fainting in its duration. It usually lasts only a few minutes. Even for doctors who are constantly engaged in such patients, there are many nuances, which establishes the final diagnosis of "coma". If your eyes someone has lost consciousness, it is unlikely that at this point you have a question: what is it, coma or fainting? Usually in this case is that people came to. Moreover, relatives of the patient, as a rule, familiar with the peculiarities of his disease and symptoms of possible prekomatosnoe state, for example, in diabetes. And of course, everything will be done to prevent the occurrence of coma. If this happens, try to ensure that the affected the conditions under which he could recover, and call an ambulance. The call of doctors in the shortest possible time is the best thing you can do.