Write out a warrant to the employee of the organization, which will accept goods received by rail the contract or services. It needs to be the place of acceptance of the goods with the passport. When you receive the goods on the station or received by another mode of transport the representative needs to check the state of the seat carriage (wagon or container), which had delivered the goods, in the presence of representatives of the carrier. After that, he takes the goods on the bill of lading, one copy of which remains with the seller, the other should be transferred to you as the buyer.
Upon receipt of the goods to the warehouse copy of the purchase invoice and supporting documents should be brought to the accounting Department.
If the quantity of the goods or its quality does not correspond to the submitted documents, write down the act, which must be the signature of the officer accepting the goods and the supplier's representative.
After receipt of the goods fix in the book (the magazine) the power of attorney number and date of accompanying documents.
Write out a receipt, which records the receipt of goods to the warehouse. If you are a VAT payer, the transaction must contain a document like a invoice. Receive lock in the purchase book.
The sale of goods write down the invoice in four copies: the first two remain (for accounting and inventory control), the other two pass to the buyer (for accounting and granting to the buyer's warehouse).
To the invoice, if you are a VAT payer, be sure to write the invoice in triplicate. One copy you keep, the other two give to the buyer. Invoices must be stored and taken into account in the sales Ledger.
If in stock at the time of the transaction there is no required quantity of product, then write the invoice with the actually delivered quantity of goods. The buyer or his representative should sign for the goods on the invoice. It checks the goods, documents, quality certificates, etc. After that, the person in charge delivers the goods to the warehouse of your organization and transmits it to the storekeeper.
If you are a VAT payer, and calculate on the basis of books of purchases and books of sales the amount of value added tax payable to the budget.
Report to regulatory authorities on the basis of received and issued documents in the trade process.