You will need
  • - passport;
  • - a certificate stating that on payment of the radio receiving no debts;
  • - disclaimer the use of the radio;
  • receipt on payment of state duty for the trip.
Disabling the loudspeaker is a paid procedure, and it is easiest to start it with the registration fee. Go to any Bank branch and ask for a receipt to pay off the loudspeaker. The details in the banks there. Depending on the region, the amount may slightly vary. After paying the money, keep the receipt and the receipt.
You will need a certificate stating that you have no debt to pay for radio receiving. To her fashionable at the housing authority. The specific place of receipt depends on the form of ownership and type of management. This is usually ZHKO, CSW or GU is (EIRTS former). They are required to issue a certificate, if you are up for it contact.
Now you need to go in the Federal state unitary enterprise "Broadcasting network". To find out where it is in your city, view the address on the receipt for payment. Perhaps there is a phone on which you can call and ask where to go to disable the loudspeaker. It is useful to call to find out and hours. Please bring your passport, a certificate and a receipt from Sberbank.
In the FSUE "Russian Broadcasting network" you will be given a letter of refusal from the loudspeaker, which need to be filled. After submission of all documents (certificates, receipts and passport) will only remain physically disassemble the radio. FSUE will need to arrange a time when the electrician will come to your home and will shutdown. This day should be at home. The installer, when finished, will give you a certificate stating that the radio is disabled and dismantled.
Just in case grant the certificate on the disabled radios in your housing organization, because otherwise they may still charge you a fee for its services.