You will need
  • - the statement;
  • - passport;
  • - the inquiry on absence of debts;
  • receipt for payment of services;
  • - Internet access
If you live in Moscow, to turn off the cable radio contact to reception of the population of the Moscow city radio broadcasting network (FGUP MGRS), located at the address: Semenovsky Val 4. Get and complete the form of the official statement and receipt for paying off the loudspeaker.
After you pay work to turn off the loudspeaker in one of the branches of the savings Bank, present in the receiver box companies, FGUP MGRS set of the following documents: filled in accordance with the prescribed form a statement asking off radio; personal passport; a certificate from ZHKO, HBC or GU is about your lack of debts on payment of services of wire broadcasting; receipt of payment for work on the off the loudspeaker.
If for some reason you are unable to contact this organization for you, it can make a person representing your interests. In addition to the above documents, he must present a notarized power of attorney for the implementation of these actions. Or apply to disable the radio receiving station, in accordance with the form of organization and with a notarized signature of the chief tenant.
After all formalities are met, the operator MGRS will set a date for the visit of an electrician to turn off the radios in the apartment. He, after the restoration, will give you a certificate about the termination of the supply of services which you will need to provide in FGUP MGRS.
You can visit the official website of the organization FGUP MGRS to solve any additional issues.
The principle of operation of this algorithm extends to other regions of Russia, changes only the address of the organization to which you want to apply to submit an application about disabling the loudspeaker.