You will need
  • - a special sealant gun;
  • - protective clothing;
  • - masking tape
For the convenience of their use, sealants are available in cartridges, made under a special construction of the gun. Before using them, wear gloves to protect from exposure to chemical substances the skin. In addition, working with such substances will include a respirator and special protective clothing.
There are the following types of guns for sealant: tubular metal skeleton gun for tubes with hex stock; polycarbonyl sealant gun with smooth rod.
Prepare a working surface: measure the seam, protect the surrounding material with the aid of masking tape.
To install the cartridge into the gun push it back the lever to the handle, then pull the metal pin, thereby freeing up space which will fill up a container of sealant. Then cut the tip of the tube at an angle of approximately 45° so that the hole corresponded to the size of the gap. Next, press in the piston until it stops in the inserted cartridge.
Do not touch the trigger (or lever gun) when applying the sealant to the desired surface, while the substance does not appear in the hole. Keep it droplets filled the seam. If the sealant starts flowing, move the tip along the seam at the same speed.
Quickly ease the plunger (piston), when you get to the end of the seam, to prevent the escape of sealant.
After work gun for sealants need to disassemble and wash with warm water. Storage open sealant of any restrictions. Open the cartridge store in a cool, dry place. After use before storage release a bit of fresh silicone so that it appeared at the end of the tip. Replace cap quickly wrap around the tip of the tape "duct tape" or insert the tip of the nail and then wrap with tape.
If you have purchased the sealant in a small tube with tail spin, the use of a gun are not necessary. Just open it up and punch (or cut with a knife) for protection.