You will need
  • - wrench set;
  • - screwdrivers;
  • - oil of a suitable type;
  • - rags;
  • - capacity to drain mining;
  • - a wide brush;
  • - gasoline A-92.
First oil change in the compressor is carried out after a small "run" of the unit, which is lapping piston system. Usually about 50-100 hours of work. Each subsequent oil change depends on the resource operation of the device, also expressed in hours. The specific length of the intervals between oil changes set by the manufacturer. In reciprocating compressors cannot be used motor oil. Usually the compressor is charged with special compressor oil brands of the COP-17 or COP-19, it is possible to use foreign counterparts, for example, Shell Corena D46 or Mobil Rarus.
Manufacturer's recommendations are limited to the waste drain and fill new oil in the compressor just need to periodically clean the chamber of the connecting rod-piston mechanism from accumulating in it microscopic chips and remnants of the old oil. Preparation of compressor for oil change is in its preliminary warm up and discharge testing. If there is no drain plug, you will need to Unscrew the eye level control and drain the oil through it by tilting the compressor. When draining the oil filler neck should be kept open.
In most models of compressors connecting rod mechanism compartment has a removable cover that is installed on paronitovye gasket or sealant. Cover is attached by several bolts that need to Unscrew. When removing the cover may leak a small amount of oil, so you should always keep handy container for draining. The cover, the inner surface of the chamber and the mechanism should be cleaned with a normal brush soaked in gasoline. When contamination is removed, the cleaned surfaces should be wiped with a dry cloth, then install the camera cover in place.
Before pouring the new oil to clean the air filter and check valve. It's basically a cylinder mounted on top of a mechanical camera. Usually used foam filters, which are clean by using gasoline. Cardboard filters that are not so common, cleaned blowing. Filter housing, ball and seat check valve also should be washed in gasoline and dried.
Fresh oil must be filled through a special filler, which can be additionally equipped with a dipstick for measuring oil level. Grease should be poured to a normal level, you can refer to the amount of the leaked mining. After the oil change he needs to stand for about an hour, to expel extra air, then you can turn the compressor into operation.