You will need
  • - shower cabin;
  • sealant;
  • - rags.
Before sealing the shower cabin, it is necessary to collect: to the pallet attach with screws side walls and the guides. Then attach the upper part of the shower box and the flexible hose that goes to the upper soul.
Carefully promazhte sealant all connections (make it better during Assembly when the elements of the design have not connected together). Apply sealant so that the holes for the screws and bolts were located "outside" relative to the applied strip of adhesive.
After the individual elements of the shower box, covered with a sealant are connected to each other and fastened together with screws and bolts, inspect the front side of the structure, paying attention to the seams. In that case, if the sealant was applied too much, remove excess with rags.
Be sure to apply sealant to the joints between the elements of the shower enclosure gaskets.
If a sudden leak in the shower box to be discovered after the Assembly of this design, before the sealant to cover the leak, be sure to dry the cabin. Remember that the sealing joint must be absolutely dry!
Even after I had eliminated all the obvious causes of a leaking shower box, from time to time look under the booth and into its back with the aim of timely detection of non-compacted areas.