Make your portfolio. Regardless of what you specializiruetsya design, web site development or landscape - a potential client needs to see your opportunities and understand the level of skill. Make a portfolio in paper and electronic form and in the course of work don't forget to fill it with new samples.
Define your target audience. If you are able to create the interior of a mansion, is in the newspaper of free announcements is unlikely to help in the search for customers, since owners of expensive real estate will likely read a completely different press. Therefore, evaluate your capabilities and plan advertising for their talents, starting from the addictions and habits of potential customers.
Visit of the exhibition designers, sign up on specialized sites and forums. Try to communicate with specialists of their profession. Not only can they share their experience and perhaps tell me where to find clients. If you are an interior designer, offer their services to Contracting companies. Many customers prefer to order the entire work of the organization and not to seek individual specialist for each task.
Designers specializing in designing websites and drawing up graphs, you should pay your attention on freelance marketplaces. Significant disadvantages of these platforms include the growing monetization, in which professionals offer to pay a higher status in the system, or access to a job search. Also keep in mind that you will probably have to start with a lower payment and this will continue until, until you earn yourself a good reputation.
Create an online business card. Customers will be enough and a few pages to assess your abilities. Develop database designs for different kinds of layouts or sites, depending on your specialization.
If you have no experience and examples of their activities, try to find clientsthat are ready to trust a man with no experience. You can also contact their friends, they may need your services. Although this work is not paid, you will have a real example of its activities and practical overview of the design.