One of these strategies – Sokolsky opening, where you begin the game with turn 1. b2-b4. Thanks to this move, you create pressure on the queenside, starting the offensive against the enemy. Thus, on the queenside, you get the advantage over the enemy, and then go on to play in midfield.
Another winning strategy in the chess is a game of knight against rook pawns. The rook pawn can be dangerous for the horse, especially if it is close to the edge of the Board, but the horse can hold the rook pawn, touching any field that is on her way. Does not work this way delays pawns for a corner field, but if your horse was on the corner box, you can take the help of the king.
If your horse threatens the enemy king, make a barrier with the help of knight's fork – so that the king spent a lot of time to get around you.
If the opponent's king trapped in the corner of the Board, you can easily checkmate with the knight.
In addition, for the chess win you can use the spare pace. To they have been you can use all the features of their purchase and spend rates wisely, not waste them in vain. For example, in order to win, you can spend a diversionary attack by the king on the queenside using the spare pawn moves.
If the enemy has strong pawns, give one or more pawns to undermine the pawn chain of the enemy. At the same time try to protect their own checkpoint from the enemy king.
If you have the game advantage in strength, and your rook pawn is on the opposite side of the Board, you're guaranteed to win in the game.