If you want to get back with your ex-boyfriend, you need to prove to him that you are better and again to bewitch him. To make it much easier than it seems. You just have to put yourself in the right light and remind them of the good moments that you spent together.
Take care of their own appearance and behavior. If you decide to re-attract former young man, surprise him. Create a new image in accordance with his tastes. For example, if he likes smart girls, engage in self-education. If he likes a quiet home, spend more time at home, learn to cook. And tell me about their successes. And even better – serve it with homemade.
Remember that he didn't like in your character. Try to fix this trait in yourself. Or show it less. In any case, do not remind him why you broke up. Your communication should be calm and relaxed. In any case, not konfliktuete, this will further alienate him from you.
Any way to restore the peace between you. Float your feminine coquetry, all your charm. Don't forget to tell him compliments, the rare man will remain indifferent to those who raise his self-esteem. When the relationship between you recover, start a friendly reminder about a time when you had fun together. Ask for his help, for example, to fix something in the apartment. Your task – to be alone with him. Or invite him on a date. But only if you are sure that he will not give up.
If you are not planning to restore the relationship, be with a former boyfriend emphatically cool and helpful. If he suggests that is not averse to meet with you again, politely explain that you are not interested. Sometimes some men just chase girls that want to be together. Of course, if you hate it, you should not allow such behavior.
Try to avoid communicating with him, don't stay alone with him. You have all my behavior to emphasize the fact that it was over. But don't be rude or be rude, this is also a wrong tactics of behavior. Always stay calm and balanced.