Flowering of water in ponds – nothing like an intense multiplication of protozoa algae. They are present in ordinary water, but in smaller number. But if conditions for reproduction are favorable: a large amount of sunlight, nutrients, and a sufficiently high temperature, harmless kids begin to multiply, filling all available space. Any pond very quickly loses its aesthetic quality, but if you keep the fish or ornamental plants, the flowering can easily cause disease or mass death of your Pets.

Single and multicellular algae the same as the usual algae, fed by photosynthesis, so it is not surprising that from the abundance of sunlight the number of reservoirs increases markedly. To avoid flowering in the still water of the pond, barrel or aquarium, it is necessary to shade them from direct sunlight. In water you can put more bottom algae with long stems, which will create additional shading and provide a simple natural competition. A barrel or a small suburban pond is possible at the time of intense heat and the scorching heat close boards or special screens. Initially it is best to place such objects where there is little shade.

Algal blooms depends not only on its temperature and composition. As with any algae, the perpetrators of turbidity actively fix nitrogen out of the water, fat from it nor by days, but by hours. Therefore, if you notice that the water reservoir with fish water suddenly began to bloom for no apparent reason, it is necessary to verify the presence of nitrates. Perhaps you excessively feed your fish and uneaten food and excrement exceeds the neutral value. Also one of the reasons for the dramatic flowering of water can be flushing of nitrates from the nearest lawn. Try to apply fertilizer carefully, especially if there is a nearby pond.

Today there are special medications that clean water from the simplest algae, but to use them required special care, as they can have an impact on other participants in the biocenosis of your pond. First try to solve the problem on its own, replacing some of the water, arranging the shading and the bottom is cleaned from dirt and residues. Remember that the pond's natural biological system, which is able to regulate internal balance. Give it time, pretty soon everything will be back to normal.