Over time the glass walls of any aquarium covered with greenish or brownish tinge from algae and bacterial slime. Of course, due to the RAID of the inhabitants of the aquarium is not visible. Brownish slime on the glass of an aquarium appears as a result of insufficient lighting, and greenish because of the excess.
It is not necessary to clean all the walls of the tank if the RAID they do not interfere with the review. Enough to a thorough cleaning of the front glass.
If plaque has formed on the glass of the aquarium with fresh water, it is easy to wash clean sponge. Only this should be done very carefully so as not to prevent the emergence of bacterial turbidity.
Slowly, tightly clutching the sponge to the glass, you should lead her down to the ground. Also slowly, without lifting the sponge from the aquarium, you need to keep it up. As a result of such action on the glass should remain clear of the track.
Further, the sponge should be rinsed in water and repeat all steps to complete clearance of all glass aquarium.
The glass in the tank with the old water should be cleaned using a special scraper, which can be purchased at any pet store. Distinguish between spongy and magnetic scrapers.
Magnetic scraper to clean the glass of the aquarium consists of two halves. One of them is placed in the water. The other part at this time, pull the scraper through the glass outside. Using this arrangement, you can leave the hands of the owner of the aquarium when cleaning dry.
For shallow aquariums are perfect spongy scrapers with wooden handle. They are perfectly clean glass without leaving scratches on it and stains.
To clean the glass of the aquarium can not only using special tools. In nature there are fish and seaweed, which is not worse than various devices clean small stains on the glass. Learn more about these assistants can be from sellers specialty shops.
Every aquarist who cares for the beauty of your home interior and health of inhabitants of the underwater world, you should regularly clean the aquarium glass, because the thinner the RAID, the easier it is to get rid of it.