You will need
  • - 12 glasses of water;
  • - 5 teaspoons of salt;
  • - 100 g of boiled rice;
  • - 1 tbsp vegetable oil;
  • or
  • - 50-100 ml of vegetable oil;
  • the syringe;
  • - vaseline.
What you offer in a medical facility, please Refer to the proctologist, if you are experiencing problems with the emptying of the intestine for more than 3 days. Normally, this process should be daily. The prolonged absence of the chair, especially accompanied by pain requires the intervention of the doctor. Self-medication in this case can be very dangerous. If necessary, the doctor will give you directions to one of the cleaning procedures performed in medical hospitals.
The most common method of forced detoxification is intestinal lavage. The patient drinks a large volume of specially prepared fluid – about 4.5 L. after some time the bowel is cleansed painless a natural way. The whole procedure takes about 4 hours. This method helps to restore the natural condition of the mucous membrane of the intestine, since the cleaning solution consists of macro - and microelements and vitamins. However, lavage is contraindicated for people with kidney stones or gall bladder, diabetes, cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases, as well as detecting internal bleeding and exacerbation of hemorrhoids.
Another option cleanse the bowel – kolonogidroterapiya. The procedure involves the introduction through the anus special solution, for example, ozonized mineral water, decoction of medicinal herbs, liquid bifidus-lastoperation. In fact, kolonogidroterapiya is a large enema. It may designate and the preparation for surgery or diagnostic examination of the gastrointestinal tract.
What you can do at home Try to clean the intestines using the method, often called a "Siphon". It is based on an Indian technique that uses as a laxative salt water. This method has almost no side effects, but is not recommended for people with sick kidneys and weak stomach.
Measure 10 cups of filtered water. Add 5 teaspoons of salt ie 1/2 tsp per Cup. You can use iodized salt, but not marine. Follow the proportions strictly to avoid fluid retention in the body.
Heat the resulting solution to 38-40oC. Drink the first glass. After 15-20 minutes, drink the next batch. If you feel nausea, increase the time between doses to 30-40 minutes. Warm salt water will not stay in the body and almost immediately pass by the digestive tract, encouraging people to go to the dressing room.
Continue to drink the salt solution as long as the water flowing from the anus, not become completely clean. You may not be enough 10 glasses of water. In this case, every time you cook an extra portion of this technology.
After cleansing, drink fresh water – 2-3 cups. 30 minutes after the procedure you can eat a small Cup boiled rice (100 g) unsalted, lightly seasoned with vegetable oil.
If you do not like the previous recipe, make the traditional enema. This warm 50-100 ml of vegetable oil, such as olive. Its temperature should be about 37 o C, otherwise you can burn the walls of the intestine. Dial the oil into the syringe, lubricate the tip with vaseline. Gently insert it into the anus, gently squeeze so that the oil splashed inside the intestines. Such an enema can be done for hemorrhoids, but absolutely not after surgery on the digestive tract and in cases of suspected internal bleeding.