Try to find the right person by using one of the online directories implementing search in Rostov-na-Donu, for example, Here you can find phone numbers and addresses of city residents, however, remember that the published reference data may be outdated, without information about the desired person. If you are unable to choose one of the namesakes, try to call them all or visit the addresses that are best suited to the known description of the place of residence of the person.
Publish an announcement about finding a man at one of the free ads service. You can choose one of the city's resources or national, for example, by selecting as the city of Rostov-on-don. Leave a phone or e-mail for feedback.
Find someone through one of popular social networks, putting in the search parameters, the city of Rostov-on-don, as well as all the data that you are aware about the person: name, surname, age, address etc. Even if you don't find the right user, most likely, the site was one of his relatives who can tell you the information you need. If you were already registered in the social network earlier, and you have friends or subscribers, post on your wall, the sign up the person and ask other people to disseminate this information.
Use Internet search engines: Google, Yandex and others to find the right person. Along with the name and surname, enter the name of the town is Rostov, or Rostov-on-don. Try different variations with the indication of other existing details. Perhaps this person was on the forums, Dating sites or ads, placed their research work, CV with contacts, etc.