You will need
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - address to the representatives of the telephone company that supports the number of the wanted subscriber;
  • - a statement to the police.
Open the website "" select the search area: "Ukraine" and enter the number of the phonethat you are looking for the addressin the special field of the search interface. Click "Search". If the database this resource has the information you need, you'll see it a few seconds after the start of the search. If you need information, refer to other similar resources within the Internet. It is better to give preference to sites that do not require the administration of different sms messages etc as in such cases, the probability of becoming a victim of fraud.
Download the Internet for the program "the Electronic phone book of Ukraine". Check for malicious virus software and install it on your computer. Running the program, specify the search location (Kharkiv) and the number of the phonethat you are looking for the address. In the settings tick option: "Search addressand phone number". Search by pressing the button with the appropriate name.
Call the telephone answering services of Kharkov by the numbers "109" and "15-09". Ask the operators of these organizations about the possibility to search the addressand your existing number.
If you wanted to address on number of the mobile phone, connect yourself to the services provided by various cellular service providers: "locator", "spy", etc. the Exact address of a subscriber with them, you don't recognize, but the approximate location will be determined (which will narrow the scope of your search).
Ask for help to law enforcement if the person you are looking for, broke the law. Police powers allow them to make appropriate requests in organizations with such information.
Visit the office of the operator serving the subscriber, the address being sought (if applicable in your city). Ask employees to assist you in solving this problem.