For example, try to find address of someone in Ukraine by going to the website On it select a country, then the first letter of the name of the wanted man. In the list names, find the right person. Next to the name in the corresponding row you will be able to verify the date of birth and see the address.
To connect with the found person, you can send him a letter by mail to Ukraine. If the matter is urgent, send a request to contact you in an urgent telegram. The only drawback of using such free bases is the rapid obsolescence of information, so it always searches succeed.
If the database of the website you are unable to find the address of the person you want, you can do it free online using social networks. As social networks on the Internet a lot, sign-up and try to find a person in Ukraine, even through the most popular sites seems quite complicated. To simplify the search, go to Shared database, collected by Yandex, will help to facilitate the work.
To find a man easily enough, if you know where he works. For this you need to call the HR Department and ask them to provide you with the necessary information, explaining the problem. If the member of staff refuses to give personal details of the person you are looking for, leave your contacts.
If you found the address of the person, but empty house, and found the phone nobody answers, and any search gives no results, you can try to contact the police. To help find a person in Ukraine, it is necessary to prove that the person is missing.