You will need
  • - Opera browser;
  • - still one of the browsers at your discretion.
In Opera browser you can import all previously saved items, from contacts and messages e-mail to the bookmarks. To use the function "transfer" in menu "File" scroll to "Bookmarks", then click "Import and export" and specify the program from which you want to move bookmarks. After which they will automatically be added to the list by default. This step applies to exports pages from other browsers.
To transfer the bookmarks from "Opera" in the "Mozilla" open the both browser. To get started you will need Opera. In the upper left corner of the browser select "Menu" from which you will need to go to "Bookmarks". Next, select option "Manage bookmarks" or press Ctrl+Shift+B.
After that, the browser opens an additional window with bookmarks. You can send all bookmarks or the most necessary references to work in other browser. To transfer the sample pages, press the CTRL key and select the bookmarkswhich are going to send in a new browser. To select all bookmarks you can use CTRL+A.
Then on the menu go to "File" and select from the list of possible actions feature you need. In this case, you will need the item "Save selected as HTML...". In the new window under "file Name" enter the name of the saved document with bookmarks. Better if for this purpose you will use the Latin alphabet. Specify the extension (type) file. It should be html.
For saving and transferring bookmarks from "Opera " in Google Chrome is similar. But "pull" directly, this document will fail: "Google" while no such opportunity. Therefore, to import the bookmarks will have to come from Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Therefore, they must first be placed in one of the above browsers. After a document is saved with bookmarks open "Google Chrome", go to "task Manager". Select "Tools" then "Import bookmarks" and choose the previously saved file.
If you want to import bookmarks to Opera (this step is required when removal and further reinstallation of the program), select "Export bookmarks to HTML..." or "export to Mozilla". Later you will be sufficient to open a previously saved file and add it to the browser.