Hot methods of adhesion

To use the most common method of bonding will need an iron or a soldering iron and (optionally, but preferably) PTFE tape. You can also use iron roller, heated to 250C. Apply the bonded panels to each other and through ftoroplastovye the tape slowly move the iron or the tip of the iron. The width of the overlap must be 1-2 see If there is PTFE tape, you can use plain paper or even a strip of newspaper, which needs to be doubled. Before bonding it is best to practice to find the optimal exposure time. The bonding process actually spent together: have an assistant extend the tape, at the same time smoothing it. After the case is completed, take the time to tear strips of paper, otherwise you may damage the film.

The second method is to use wide strips of metal (5-10 cm) and a blowtorch. Clamp the two bonded the cloth between the strips of metal and smooth surface so as to obtain overlap in 1-1,5 cm Then heat this place with a blowtorch, being careful not to overheat the metal and don't melt the tape underneath.

Cold connection methods

Plastic sheeting can be joined using a variety of adhesive compositions: "Time", BF-2, BF-4. Before the bonding process the surfaces of panels (bonding) chromium dioxide (25% solution). If you intend to connect a polyamide film, you will need glue SC5. In this case, after bonding the seam must be ironed with an iron heated to 50-60C. If the adhesive is absent, and the film splicing is necessary, it is possible to use "national" means: concentrated acetic acid (80%) or xylene. In any case, first the connection must be warmed up to a temperature of 70-75C. When working with these compounds should be used with caution.

Sometimes in garden shops you can find special glue intended for bonding the plastic film. This chemical has no odor, stored indefinitely, and the connection is even, strong. Bottle of 50 ml capacity is enough for the connection of a seam width of 1 cm and a length of 15-20 m. it Should be remembered that not all glues are suitable for compound film; for example, will not use any types of glue. On the other hand, good results show the formulations used in advertising for the bonding of strips of banners: for example, "Fix-All" (Sadolin), which is suitable for bonding even of thick PVC film.