You will need
  • pencil or pen;
  • - ruler or meter;
  • - scissors;
  • sometimes a disk knife
  • - soft cloth;
  • a Hairdryer and Wallpaper glue.
Update your kitchen furniture with adhesive film is significantly cheaper than buying new. A stained-glass effect can be obtained using a film with a transparent pattern. Decorate the mirror tiles in the bathroom florid ornamentation with the same adhesive. Children's room decorated with furniture bright, cheerful drawings.
Prepare the surface to work. Clean it from grease, dirt and dust, wipe dry with a clean cloth. If necessary, degrease the base film with dishwashing detergent or (at worst) an alkaline solution. Polished or lacquered surfaces are ideal for wrapping.
Clean boards or plywood with polyester varnish or dirt, use methyl Wallpaper glue. The cracked and uneven surface treated with putty and sand with sandpaper. Then this basis must cover the soil on the basis of acrylic to adhesive tape is well kept.
Glass, metal, plastic, paint and other smooth surfaces wet with a solution of water and detergent.
Cut the tape according to your size. On the reverse side of the product is the centimeter grid, which greatly facilitates the work to cut.
Peel off the paper film backing 5 cm, attach the material to the surface and glue the free edge straight. One hand gently and evenly pull back the paper, and the other – smooth self-adhesive film with a soft cloth or towel. Unroll material from the center to the edges to avoid bubbles. If they still formed, pierce the place with a fine needle and release the air from under the film.
If you need to stick the tape to the round corner piece of the product heat standard household Hairdryer. The heated film is quickly and accurately paste, pulling slightly, and fold the edges. Smooth corners cut and fold.
Large surfaces such as walls, alleivate the same way as Wallpaper. The panels, running the lap, add a seam allowance of 1-1,5 cm self-Adhesive tape is difficult to put back to back, tread carefully, separating the paper a little.
Wetted with detergent solution glass place the film without the paper backing, and give it the desired position. It is easier to work when pasting smooth surfaces. Press the material to the base with a towel and smooth the surface to all edges, removing the water.