If your personal computer is the panel Yandex.Bar, but for some reason it doesn't work, you need to check advanced settings for your Internet browser. In the menu of Firefox or SeaMonkey, select "Tools", then the string "add-Ons". A window will open, locate the section called "Extensions". In the opened list select the add-on "Yandex.Bar" and enable it by clicking Enable. Restart your browser. In Internet Explorer manage add-ons by opening the tools tab, then select "Settings".
Turn On Yandex.Bar. If the toolbar is missing, move the mouse cursor to the toolbar and click the right button. Opens the context menu. Check the box next to "Yandex.Bar." This procedure can be done in another way. In the menu tab "View", then select "Toolbar" and check the checkbox for the item "Yandex.Bar."
To set the settings in different browsers easily using the same principle. Select the appropriate version for your browser. Connect to the Internet and open the main page of Yandex. In the upper left corner is a link called "Install Yandex.Bar", click on it. If this line is not visible, then in the search box type the website address to see the list of versions of the application. Select the one that is needed for your browser.
To initiate installation of application for your browser. Please wait until the installation process. After that restart it.
Download Yandex.Bar by using the following links. In different browsers they will look very different: Firefox For Opera - For Internet Explorer it In the center of the page there is a button "Install Yandex.Bar." Click on it to install later.