Remove Yandex.Bar with PC

Close all browsers. Click start – control Panel – Remove programs. Find it in the programs list Yandex.Bar and remove it using the Uninstaller, that is, clicking on the "Delete" button. When the question of the system "to Make the necessary changes..." – you must agree.

Remove Yandex.Bar from Internet Explorer

"Yandex" is still present in the browser as your home page and default search? The first thing to do is to change the home page in the browser. Go to its "Settings". In the window with the address change at Google – Apply – Ok. Or click "Use blank" and get the start a blank page by default.

Then change the search engine Settings – Settings" – opens a list of available. Put the "Google" default button "Set as default". Now search from "Yandex" it is possible to remove the "Remove" button. Next, remove bookmarks "Yandex"Yu" Edit this menu, click "Favorites – Organize Favorites". Delete unnecessary bookmarks button "Delete". Now, hide the unnecessary empty toolbar by clicking with the right mouse button on them once, UN-check "Menu bar" and "Favorites Bar".

Remove Yandex.Bar from Mozilla Firefox

Remove "Bar" from main menu add – Ons- Extensions". Simply press the "Delete" button. Next, change the start page. Click on the main menu "Settings – Settings – General". In the section "homepage" click on "Restore defaults – Ok". Change search engine by clicking on the small black triangle next to the logo "I". From the drop down list remove "Yandex" and other unnecessary search. Complete the change click "Ok".

A very important point: you must remove the additional configuration "Yandex" from the browser. In the address bar (where http://) type in: "about:config" and then agree with the question from the browser "I promise I'll be careful!". Next in the line "Search" enter the word "yandex". You will see a list, and each line will begin with the words "browser.saf...". Click on each of them with the right mouse button and choose "Reset".

Remove Yandex.Bar from Google Chrome browser

Here, the "ToolBar" is not checked. Set just a bookmark, homepage and reconfigured search. Go to settings and change the start page to "default" Settings – the Initial group – the Next page – Add" – click on the page "Yandex" and remove by clicking the x to the right of it is "Ok". Then change home page on Google: the menu item "appearance - Show home page – Change". Remove the unwanted search engine "Yandex" from the menu item "Search". Next, open the bookmark: click on bookmark toolbar right-click – "Manage bookmarks" highlight the bookmark, created by "Yandex", and remove them.

Remove Yandex.Bar of Opera browser

In this browser "Yandex" is removed even easier: hide the bookmark panel (on the panel with a red letter "I" right-click – "Remove panel"). Of bookmarks in the menu bar ("Menu – Bookmarks – Manage bookmarks)" delete all pages of Yandex: "Yandex photos", "Yandex weather", "Yandex mail", etc. Change search the website on Google, by deleting "Yandex" from the drop down list next to the letter "I" in the search bar. Next go to "Main Menu – Extensions – Manage extensions – remove button "Delete" all items "Yandex".