Visual bookmarks are more like regular bookmarks out of a magazine. The only difference is that they are represented as a layout of the web page and their number is limited. They allow you a few clicks of the mouse go to the desired resource. Visual bookmark it is logical to add those sites that you visit frequently.
Online you can find different versions of these add-ins, but the principle of them is used alone. In this article, for clarity, are considered visual bookmarks from Yandex.Bar. To enable visual bookmarks, you need to install this addition.
Launch the browser, open the home page and Yandex click in the upper left corner of the string the link "to Install Yandex.Bar." If no such line, go to the website, and download the version for your Internet browser. Wait until done and restart the browser.
Re-start your browser and open a new tab. In most cases, visual bookmarks are available immediately. If the add-in is not displayed,select the menu "Tools" item "Extras" - for Mozilla Firefox. In Internet Explorer – tools menu the item "add-ins". This will open a new dialog box. Under "Extensions", find "Yandex.Bar" and make sure the add-on is enabled. If not – click on the "Enable" and restart the browser.
If the add is active, but the visual bookmarks still do not appear, repeat the steps from the fourth step and click on the line Details link next to "Yandex.Bar." A new window will open, click there on the button "Settings".
In the additional window "Yandex.Bar: Settings" tab "Settings" and set the marker in the "Show visual bookmarks when you open a new tab or window" under "Miscellaneous". Click OK to save your settings.