How to hide file

On Windows you can hide the file you created from the view and disallow edit. To do this, click on its icon, right-click, choose "Properties" command in the "General" tab of the properties window check the boxes for the attributes "read Only" and Hidden. Then go to menu "tools" and select "folder options". In the View tab locate additional parameters in the item "Hidden files and folders" and set its value to "No show". For confirmation, click OK. To restore the visibility of the file, uncheck the attribute "Hidden".

How to change file properties

You can change only some of the data in the file properties. If you have Windows XP, in the properties window, go to the Summary tab and click Advanced. Click in the Value section next to the properties you want to change. If editing is permitted, a blank box appears, framed.

To change the file properties in Windows 7 in the properties window go to the tab "Details" and proceed as described above.

How to change the creation date of the file

To know the creation date of the file, right-click on its icon and choose the command "Properties". In the General tab displays basic information about the file, including, and creation date. To change this setting by standard means of Windows will not work, but you can use non-standard methods. Double click on the clock in the system tray (lower right corner of the screen) and set the date and time to which you want to change the actual data file.

Open the file with a suitable editor (for text files, perfect Word, for graphic – Paint or Photoshop) and save it under your name. Now in the properties file will reflect the desired creation date.

You can use third party programs to change file attributes, e.g. file Manager Total Commander. Start TC and in Explorer locate the file whose information you want to change.

In the menu "File" click on "Change attributes" and in the new window, check the box next to "Change date/time". Then check the box "Use plugins". In the "Plug-in" must be the value of tc. In the "Property" expand the dropdown list and choose the item "date of creation". In the Value field, enter the desired date and click OK.

For credibility adjustments, click Add attribute and in the properties list, select the "modification date". Enter a date later than creation date.

In this window you can disable editing of the file and make it hidden. To do this, tick the items "read-Only" and "Hidden".