First and foremost, keep in mind that wanting to purchase a cheap apartment in Moscow mass. In other words, relatively high demand for housing economy class has led to a situation where the business class and economy class are not much different in cost, but the latter has a number of drawbacks and lack many amenities.
Consider the option of purchasing an apartment that requires repair. Be sure to visit this apartment at least once and estimate the size of investments in the repair. And if you have a poor experience in repair work, the estimated cost increase 1.5-2 times. It is possible, adding this money to the price of the property, you will be able to buy a little more expensive, but in good condition.
Note on sector departmental apartments. This housing is for employees of different departments, plants, factories. These homes are often offered at competitive price, but do not have the usual amenities. Considering that the living space is often bought in a loan for 10-20 years think, not whether the absence of many features critical to your future family.
If you do not want to skimp on comfort, look for an apartment in the outlying districts or suburbs. Of course, you have to get long and with a full set of inconveniences.... But, on the other hand, Moscow's transport system is dynamically developing, and it is hoped in the future that this deficiency will be remedied.
If you have the opportunity to wait with new home a year or two, buy an apartment in a newly built house. But first, collect the maximum information about the largest Moscow developers. And based on these data, select developer, and it is already flat. It will give you good confidence that their homes you will wait and wait in time.
Think about buying an apartment, which still lives of older old people requiring care. In return for the care and maintenance he is willing to offer to leave you a legacy of his apartment. However, the option of home purchase through a contract of annuity and maintenance is dangerous because the law in the first place will be on the side of the owner of the apartment, even if it is not quite right.
In conclusion, consider buying a cheap apartment with very little square footage. It will be a good option for someone who arrived in Moscow only to earnings and does not intend to settle in it with his family. In other words – this is an apartment for unmarried workaholics. But in any case, think carefully about this purchase option.
Do not consider too long-term options for the purchase of cheap houses. For example, the entries in the queue for housing. Practice shows that often have to wait a very long time, and during this time, you can save the amount needed to purchase the more expensive version.
Looking for a cheap apartment, be moderately suspicious. For anybody not a secret that fraudulent versions of real estate transactions attract attention, primarily for its affordable price. So do not skimp on the services of professional intermediaries, for example, well-known and largest real estate agencies.