If you need to see a list of all available for browsing, use Google search engine. Enter in a line of search the name you are interested in the website in the format: site:scriptsite. For example, if you want to see the list of pages of the website of Moscow state University, type in the search engine following line: issued to the search engine list you will see all your indexed pages.
There are specialized online services that allows you to define the structure of the site. One of the best is the service Enter the name you are interested in site – for example, for the cited example above with the site or require to enter Then enter verification code and click "SCAN". In the opened window you will see a fairly complete picture of the structure you are interested in the site.
In addition to online services, to define the structure of the site , there are specialized programs. For example, a very good capabilities program SiteScaner. It exists in the console version, and for users familiar Windows GUI. The program scans the right site and displays a list of found pages.
Find SiteScaner on the Internet, please read the read me file - it describes how to operate the app. It should be noted that the installed antivirus can block SiteScaner as an unwanted program. If this happens, simply unplug it while you work with the scanner.
Very good capabilities to analyze the structure of the website has the program Semonitor. It is a software which allows to collect on the site information as possible. The program includes multiple analyzers, it is indispensable in the promotion of the website and its optimization. Demo programs you can find on the developer site: