How to do intimate breast massage

During breast massage special attention paid to nipples. They are sensitive to touch, so handle them gently!

Start massaging the nipple with index finger and thumb. A little prodavlivaet them, repeat these light movement several times. Can add power, but only if the girl is not against it.

Put a palm on his chest, begin slow movements of her jamming. Can periodically rotate your hand in different directions to deliver the lady maximum pleasure.

Then go to massage the lower part of the chest. To do this, put on the lower part of the chest, the thumb, the other fingers leave on top. Squeeze the chest with a slight movement, repeat about two minutes.

Circular massaging motion suitable for relaxation and to excite a woman. So don't forget to massage the breast in a circular motion.

And finally, put on the side of each breast your hands, both Breasts a gentle squeeze together, massage for several minutes.