The TXT format is quite popular and easy at the same time. Sometimes, users of personal computers there is a need to translate any other text document in this format, and here the problems begin. Mostly to convert a text file in this format easily enough, but sometimes more. For example, the text in PDF or DOC is not so easy to convert to TXT, but it is still possible. It all depends on software installed on the user's computer, and the format of the document you want to convert.

Formatting plain text formats

In the case of common formats like DOC, DOCX, ODT and other the conversion process is quite simple. To change the format of the document, just open a source file, such as Microsoft Office Word or WordPad. Then, after the source file is open, you must select the File tab and search for the string "Save as". After the window appears you need the "file Type" to select the desired format (in this case TXT). There is another method of converting a source file with the extension. DOC to TXT. For this you need to open a file in Microsoft Office Word, select all text and paste into Notepad. Notepad - a program that is installed by default, which means that it is available on all personal computers. Then you just need to save the file, and in the end it will be converted to TXT format.

Formatting PDF to TXT

The situation with converting data from PDF format to TXT, a little more complicated. To carry out the file conversion just does not work. In addition, the text in the PDF file cannot be allocated, and therefore will have to spend a little time solving this problem. In order to convert text data from PDF to TXT, you need to download a special package Xpdf data. After successful downloading you need to install. To convert, you must at the command prompt (located in start"), to execute a specific command: "pdftotext filename.pdf name файла.txt". "Pdftotext" is the command that performs the conversion information. File name.pdf - name of the initial file that you want to edit. Name файла.txt - name of the destination file, i.e. the file that will succeed in the end. It is desirable to specify a file name in one word, but several, only if they are written together.