Select a postcardthat you would like to give it to my girlfriend. It is better that the card itself is also something to remember. This may be one of the original cards, which can be found on the market today, you can make custom author a postcard, but your girl will not simply moved, but impressed, if you can make a postcard with your own hands. This is not so difficult as it seems at first glance, but if you don't consider yourself a creative person and you are quite difficult to come up with their own card, you can purchase ready-made kits for scrapbooking in the respective stores.
Do not be trivial. Do not put his signature under the text on the finished printed card. If you liked this card, which includes a fairly lengthy prepared text, the content of which coincides with your thoughts, it would be better if you somehow to try to finalize this card. This can be done in her tab on which you will be able to write a few words of his own. Perhaps the text on the tab needs to begin in the spirit, "Honey, I couldn't have said it better...". Highlighting graphically a private message, for example, using a special color or something drawing you will make it the highlight of such cards.
Use words of love spoken by someone from great. Search for similar poems or sayings will bring you real pleasure, you learn a lot of great expression in excellent condition, which is called love. Rereading these lines, picking up something that is in tune with your own mood, you will enjoy and enrich their souls. Rewriting a classic a-line, specify the name of the author in the upper right corner of the cards, and their own initials with the signature, "love!" should follow at the end of the quote.
Discover the talent of the poet. Try to rhyme a few lines dedicated to your favorite. If you yourself will like written, feel free to write your poem in a card.
Write simple words from the soul, which is not so often you used to pay attention to in everyday life. Talk to his beloved. The words coming from the soul, always sincere and helpless. The card signed in this way, is truly touching.