You will need
  • keratolytic preparations, generic, not effective, potassium permanganate
You first need to remove the blockage of the sebaceous glands. To do this, use keratolytic agents. The goal of these drugs to normalize the process of renewal of skin cells. These include glicheva, salicylic acid, vitamin A.
Inflammation of the skin, and therefore acne, cause of pyogenic microbes. To effectively deal with them through means which include an antibiotic. For example, the drug generic. Devastating effect on all the microorganisms having the baziron. In addition, unlike antibiotics, it has no side effects.
Personal hygiene is important condition for maintaining the skin in good condition. Clean the skin from grease and dirt at least twice a day. Well cope with this task tonics and lotions.
To eliminate acne from the back and the chest are also possible with the help of potassium permanganate. Fill the bathtub with hot water. In this case it is unnecessary to pour boiling water. However, the bath must warm up well. Dilute potassium permanganate in the bath until the water turns red. Bathe for 20 minutes. Given the fact that potassium permanganate has drying properties, it is not necessary to direct a highly concentrated solution.
After bathing do not wipe, but only slightly blot your skin with a towel. This is necessary in order to not spread germs. Repeat the water treatment with potassium permanganate regularly and do not notice that the pimples will begin to disappear.
If for any reason you cannot buy a particular drug, go to the dermatologist. He will listen to your complaint and write out a prescription.