Cedar shell is an effective tool for hair removal

Before you begin the procedure of removing excess hair, you need to prepare the cedar shell. You should take as many nuts to collect 280-300 grams of the shell. The shell is dried, as wet poorly lit, and lots of smoke is formed during its combustion.

The dry shells of pine nuts burned and then the ashes mixed with a small amount of warm boiled water (to get a pasty mass). The mixture is applied to the problem area, leave it for 15-17 minutes and wash off. Already after the first treatments, the hair thins, becomes brittle, and then disappear. Typically, to achieve the desired result – getting rid of unwanted hair, you need to spend about 10 procedures.
The main contraindication – Allergy to pine nuts, as well as skin damage.

A decoction of shells of pine nuts for hair removal

For the preparation of depilatory use of crushed shells of pine nuts. Take 2 tbsp of raw materials, pour a glass of just boiling water and put in water bath for 17-20 minutes. As in-shell walnuts high content longinow, pulp, cellulose, hemicellulose, fats and resinous substances, the broth (and the capacity in which he prepares) acquires a black color.

The finished cosmetic product is cooled to a comfortable temperature and filtered. Then strained the broth bring to the boil and remove from fire. Soaked in broth with a cotton pad wipe the area of skin from which to remove unwanted hair. Half an hour later a cosmetic wash off with warm water. After 3-4 treatments the hairs become thinner, and then generally stop growing.
Cedar decoction has a pronounced antiseptic effect. It is widely used in dentistry.

Walnut tincture from unwanted hair

Slightly dried shell of pine nuts ground into a powder (this can be done, for example, with the help of the grinder). The resulting flour is poured with 70% ethyl alcohol and mix thoroughly. Should get a mixture the consistency resembles sour cream. The mixture was placed in a container of dark glass and tightly sealed.

Insist tool in shading and cool place 20-21 days. Ready infusion strain and store in a tightly closed bottle in refrigerator (shelf life – 6-7 months). This walnut tincture is rubbed areas of skin with unwanted hair in for 3 weeks: soon the hairs will become thinner and disappear.