Why baby throws her head during sleep

Only children born in the normal head position is a small tilt forward. However, if three or four months of life the baby is sleeping on its side, tilting the head back, it is considered normal. But after four months, the baby should gradually decline from such actions. If the child continues to throw back his head and at adult age, is to analyze all possible causes of events.

The main reason for the tilting of the head child is deemed to be external stimuli. For example, the toys hanging above the baby's head and not above the level of the chest, as recommended. Also, perhaps behind the child is constantly turned on the TV, the sounds of which cause interest of the kid, which he throws back his head. It happens that parents or other household members talk to or commit any actions behind the baby, which also contributes to crowding of the head of the child from simple curiosity.

Another reason may be quite harmless: it is impossible to ignore that the child just might be so comfortable. To do this, it is possible to observe oneself, you may sleep in the same position. Thus, it will be assumed that it's just a habit that just inherited your kid.

If all of the above factors are absent, then the child should be shown to a doctor who can determine the cause of muscle hypertonicity. Usually in this case, prescribed massage, herbal medicine or physiotherapy.

Why baby throws her head during wakefulness

In the waking state, the child may also throw back your head. Kids do this simply because of the fact that grimace. In that case, if this action is rarely cause for any concern. When children very often throw back his head back, the tense muscles of the shoulders, neck or back, it will help only professionals who should be immediately contacted. The reason for this action may be also muscular hypertonicity, and possibly intracranial pressure or damage to the nervous system. Experts in this case will be assigned to appropriate treatment.

There are times when a child caprinica, curved arc, throwing his head back. But it's not scary, because you can adjust the position of the baby. In this case, infants can be put on the stomach under gravity head alone will take its normal position. And for older children suitable other action: put the baby on your back and slightly raise his ass – the weight of the body to move on the blades and excessive muscle tone of the neck and shoulders will go away naturally.