Go to the game. Open the menu item "Settings" -> "General". If the controller has been recognized, the parameter "Vibration" should be active. Make sure that is set to On. Start a new game and play through level two. Generally, vibration is a reaction to what is happening in-game events: explosions, fast running, low health character, the departure from the road. The average of incorrect operation, you can tell if a half hour game joystick never vibrated.
Checking if the vibration directly on the device. Find the button, when pressed, the controller starts to vibrate (usually it is signed). If after pressing the continue fluctuations in a second or less – mode is disabled. Press again to turn it on, the vibration will continue for 2-3 seconds. If the key "Vibration" is, but when pressed, nothing happens, you should test the connection to the USB port.
Install the driver. Usually included with the device comes a software disc, but players ignore it, because the main function of the controller without third-party programs. Make sure that the contents of the disc has been installed, otherwise the functionality of the vibration mode cannot be guaranteed.
Examine the settings of the joystick. Today, there are two standard connections: DirectInput (legacy) and Xinput (more modern, marked with the Windows icon on the packaging). Games, respectively, can be divided into "support only new / old / both formats". With high probability we can say that the games released before 2007, the year are based on DirectInput, while the newer use XInput. If the device type does not match with the requirements of the game, the gamepad will not work correctly and no vibration is the least of possible problems.