If you have your first kiss, you need to give the guy to understand that you are ready. And we need to move yourself. Many people live according to stereotypes. Just adhere to some of these stereotypes to a greater extent and some to a lesser. It is considered that the first kiss should happen during the farewell. So, you need to convince the guy to take you home. When a guy is with you to say goodbye, try to keep it, tell them that you will miss him. If you at least hug the guy or him hand touch – this could serve as a clear allusion to the kiss.
Of course, it works not at all. What do you do if the guy does not want to kiss? You'll have it to this to force. After all, many guys are shy is not less than the girls when it comes to first kiss. Maybe the guy just thinks you're too modest for that. Let him think. And you put him first kiss accidentally.
Best reason for a kiss (even just on the cheek) is March 8, or your Birthday. Here comes the guy to congratulate you, want you on the cheek kiss. But you are not interested. You should definitely on the lips and that sensual the kiss was. When he will kiss your cheek, catch the moment and turn to his lips. A shy guy, even kissing on the cheek, while closed his eyes. Will certainly show him that you enjoyed the kiss.
You can try to force the guy to kiss in a movie theater. Go, for example, a horror movie. In particularly bad moments can hug him or squeeze his hand tighter. You thereby set in close contact and if the guy is not exactly "running", then he will choose the time to kiss.
If you have not the first kiss, and the partner already knows the taste of your lips, act easier. By the same close physical contact, try to establish contact with him. And do it casually, by chance. Then the guy will believe that the initiative comes from him. It will be easier to feel and, in the end, dare to kiss.