If the validity of a power of attorney is still far from expiry, and cancel its action must quickly, you should first contact to the notary. Pre-think carefully whether you really need it. The fact that the cost of notarization of the termination of the power of attorney exceeds the cost of its issuance. So your hasty actions can lead to the waste of money.
Turning to the notary try, that it was the same authority which issued the power of attorney, although it is not required. This is due to the fact that abolishing the attorney, the notary is obliged to notify posing her notary, to the last noted this fact in the registry. Undoubtedly, this legal formality is a certain amount of time, which often plays quite an important role.
Immediately after the filing of the application for cancellation of power of attorney at the notary, will notify you of the cancellation document Trustee and known third parties, which this way or another affects. In this case, you have the right not to explain the reasons that prompted you to do so. Notify attorneys person follows so that later this fact was easily demonstrable in court. And, of course, make sure that it was done.
Remember that according to the law, the duty to inform Trustee about the cancellation of the power of attorneyis on you. The notary do not have to. Also, your attorney is entitled to return in fact you void a power of attorney, but simply to destroy it. After this, his duty will be deemed to be legally executed.
If you cancel a power of attorney for sale or any other real estate, additional podstrahuet, notify the fact of the notary chamber and justice authorities at the place of the alleged transaction.