To clarify the claims you can in the same pattern, which was their claim statement. Submit clarification at any stage of the judicial process. Filing regarding your claim may be considered by the court as a reason for postponement of the hearing to provide time for the defendant to prepare for the meeting with the changes. The plaintiff is entitled to the right to make additional requirements not previously stated in the lawsuit.
You, as the plaintiff has the right to increase or decrease the amount of claims claims. To do this, apply to the court where your case is considered. Enter the case number that is already in the process of litigation. Against the string "the plaintiff put your name, surname, patronymic. Write your location. If you are a natural person, the required date and place of your birth. For legal entities have to put the date and place of state registration. What is the name of the defendant specified in the claim statement, his place of residence or location.
In a statement about the clarification of claims justify the reasons that require further action. Further specify under which articles you make them. If you plan to make two or more updates, then number them in separate lines. At the end of the statement put the date of the submission, as well as his signature.
Part 1 of article 130 of the APC allows you to connect in one statement the requirements that are interrelated on the grounds of it the evidence presented. If detailed requirements are connected wrongly, the court returns the statement of claim, pursuant to paragraph 2 of part 1 of article 129.
Interrelated claims may be presented in a serial chain: to recover the unpaid loan, the interest on the loan and the penalty; to annul the act, and the refund of the amount paid under this act; to recover the value of shortage, given on these transport documents, and was a single act of acceptance or accepted for payment in one settlement document.
Thus, you can in the statement of claim, demanding to collect the amount of the principal debt, to clarify the requirement for a penalty. Also, adding a claim for invalidation of the transaction, require the application of consequences of its invalidity.