You will need
  • - cadastral documents;
  • - passport;
  • - documents for the transaction.
The advantage of the renewal of the apartment to another person by sale is that with the right paperwork and the transaction cannot be challenged. The disadvantage is the alienation of housing. If the owner wants it back, it will be impossible.
For immediate reissuance get the cadastral extract of BTI, all write from the apartment, take a certificate confirming that the apartment no one registered. If the house have the right of ownership of other persons, contact the notary public and register the agreement for sale of all owners. Then sign a contract of sale, the act of transfer and acceptance.
With all the documents, please contact the Registrar. On the basis of the submitted documents the right of ownership will register on your buyers.
If you renew an apartment by way of gift, advantage is that it will remain with the person to whom you have extended. For example, if your daughter is married, and you give her a place to live when you divorce the son-in-law will not be able to claim a division of property, as the gift is not property acquired during the marriage.
If necessary, the transaction of donation can be cancel in the manner prescribed by law and to return the donated property back.
The disadvantage is that if you gave the apartment a distant relative or a stranger, will have to pay a large sum of tax for the gift.
To renew an apartment by gift, get the cadastral extract of BTI, notarized permission from all owners for the transaction of donation. Contact FPRC and register the deal.
For registration of a will contact the notary will submit the documents for the apartment, passport. You will make a notarial will, which will announce your heirs. The apartment will be finished these individuals after your death.
The only one drawback. If you are in the life of a dependent is incapacitated, underage or partially capable persons, regardless of the will drawn up, they will own the share of the apartment as if they inherited it by law.