Get a run. It is not only the best way to lose weight all over the body, but also a great pacemaker. Thanks to him, you will lead to tone the entire body will become fit and healthier. Start Jogging with a light warm-up and focus on your feelings. The number of conquered kilometers depends on your fitness and desire.
Move more. Go up the apartment stairs, and shopping in the store go on foot. Moreover, prolonged exposure to air helps to tone and improves mood. Go to the pool or chasing the ball with their children, which also requires a lot of strength and energy.
Download the press. Simultaneously with the execution of exercises in shedding weight, do some strengthening muscle belly. This will perfectly suit the usual twisting of the body from a lying position. Lie on the floor, put your hands behind your head and lift up the straight leg. Then, being in the same position, bend your knees and lift them to the upper torso. To strengthen the oblique muscles while lifting the torso to touch opposite elbow to the knee.
Do the sidess tilt. Stand up straight, grab a small dumbbell, and perform bending, first in one direction and then in another. Then, leave the dumbbell only in the right hand, the left put on the belt. Keeping up with the weighting over the head towards the left hand, make a few bends in the wrong direction. Then take the dumbbell in your other hand and lean to the right.
Eat right. Try to eliminate from your diet sodas, beer, flour and confectionery. Don't eat late in the evening and especially before bed. Give preference to dishes cooked in the oven, not fried in plenty of oil. Refuse during the meal from harmful favorite sauces and mayonnaise. And limit your intake of pickles.
Only by performing all of this together, you can count on results. And most importantly – you will become much healthier and more energetic.