If you employ the employee, and he refuses to sign an employment contract, the employment relationship is considered to be failed, and you have the right to conclude a contract with another applicant. If the newly admitted employee has the necessary education, experience, qualifications, and you don't want to miss out on such a valuable asset, find out the reason for the refusal to sign the employment relationship.
You can renegotiate the terms of the labor agreementand who are not satisfied valuable employee, and restructure it according to the requirements under which the document will be signed by both parties. In practice, these situations are the exception to the rule, and often the employer assumes a new applicant willing to work under the conditions specified in the contractE.
Employment is a contractand you can enter into civil-legal relations or to issue the contract contract. In this case, the employee will be considered freelance, and relationship - prisoners for a certain period of time.
Completely different to act, if the employment contract refuses to sign reinstated by a court decision or existing employee. For the right documents is the responsibility of the employer and if the labour Inspectorate finds that the labor contract signed by both parties or one of the parties, the administrative penalty imposed on the employer.
Upon failure of a working or restored employee to sign the contract , collect the administrative fee, make the act of refusal.
Clear indications about future actions of the employer, the Labour code does not contain, so you can decide how to proceed. Any employer can always find good reason to part with unwanted employee. Importantly, that the examination of the labor inspection you'll be issued according to law.