You will need
    • pasta
    • pan
    • salt
    • vegetable oil
    • butter
    • timer
Before you start boiling pasta, be sure to read the manufacturer's instructions found on the pack with products. For each type of pasta requires a certain amount of minutes to bring them to the stage and not to overcook it. Thin vermicelli is plump and pretty rigattoni you can not cook the same.
Boil water at the rate of 6 liters of water per 1 kg of pasta. Add to the pan salt and a little vegetable oil. Pour the pasta and immediately stir them so they don't stick together.
For 1-2 minutes until cooked catch a single noodle and taste it. Properly cooked pasta is called al dente", which literally means "to the tooth". The product must be soft outside but still hard inside.
Pasta tend to walk under the influence of temperature and after cooking, so keeping them on the heat for an extra minute, you risk to digest them.
Cooked pasta drain in a sieve, allow to drain well the water. In the pan in which they were prepared, throw a piece of butter, let it melt, put them bottom and walls of the vessel. Return the pasta to the pan, mix lightly.
Cooked pasta can be served as a side dish, or as a main course for lunch or dinner.