For example, the birth of a child, a great gift would be an album in which the parents will place photos and record important events from the life of the baby. To album you can make a special box with little boxes of "Mom's treasures" where mom can store the tag from the hospital, with a clothespin navel, booties, scratchy, vests or slips, which she wore to a baby in the first days of life.
Colleagues to the 8th of March or new year holidays make the "tea house". It's such a box, decorated in the form of a house with a slot for tea bags. Inside put 10-15 sachets of good tea. To the "house" you can stick a pocket for chocolate or any other sweets.
If you have a large team, we can restrict a homemade postcard. Inside in a turn along with the greeting place the pockets. One for chocolate, one for 3-4 tea bags.
Original gift for colleagues or friends become dolls-priest. This is a fun little toy, designed in textile, hosiery machinery. It is believed that this doll brings good fortune to its owner. Is it really hard to say, but in a good mood she will charge for sure. To learn how to work in the textile, hosiery technology easy.
On the anniversary or an important event you can make a doll-bar in the same textile, hosiery machinery. In other words, this case, which put for example, a bottle of brandy or wine. To present as a gift just alcohol trite and boring. But "hidden" in the original packaging present, will cause a lot of delight as the celebrant and his guests. Reflect the case the profession of a celebrant or just do a little like him in appearance.
Your husband, dad or grandfather for the holiday would be appropriate scarf, sweater or warm socks, knitted by the hands. Such a gift is unlikely to be superfluous in the wardrobe. Made of soft, pleasant to the touch yarn, it will not only delight and remind you of your love to man, but to keep him warm in the cold season.
As a present for housewarming or New year the perfect solution is a topiary – a decorative tree for interior decoration. It is also called "tree of happiness". Of what to do depends on your imagination. In the course can go coffee beans, chocolates, flowers of satin ribbons, corrugated paper, coins and dollar bills, etc. it Is believed that the "tree of happiness" brings good luck to the house and financial well-being.
Very interesting topiary work in the form of a Cup-prolinase. For the manufacture of such a souvenir taken a couple of tea. Using a thick wire Cup mounted above the saucer, and then mask it with artificial flowers, coffee beans, fruit to create the impression that the Cup hovering over the saucer. There is hardly a person who can remain indifferent to such a gift.
There are people who are skeptical of the gifts made by your own hands, considering that it is a cheap trinket. However, it should be noted, store-bought gift can be very expensive, but quality gift, made himself invaluable. Because it is unique and contains a piece of the soul of the giver.