Look in boxes and old albums of your parents! Most of them keeps your baby gifts: drawings of "kalekoy-malakoi", epics about knights and dragons, decorated in the form of postcards, tacky figurines from clay. Over time, children's gifts acquire their special value. So encourage your child in this endeavor — you have an extensive collection!

Drawings and applications

For making drawings of children will need: a set of colored pens, pencils, eraser, pencils, a few sharpeners, albums just A4 or A4 paper for drawing. Watch carefully how the child uses the markers: they do not need to pull in your mouth or chew, it's chemistry. Also, do not sharpen your pencil too sharp: graphics your son or daughter will deal with later, but too sharp a pencil can be dangerous.

For applications in their classic version will need to buy a set of colored cardboard. Suitable soft porous cardboard or faux leather applique. Will need glue for paper, brush, glue and scissors. Appliques child is also better to do under your strict control: the glue is not food, and with scissors the baby can hurt herself.


If your child attends kindergarten, there usually are taught to produce various hand-glued paper, vyleplennye of colored clay or — aerobatics - made of papier-mache. Usually, the children if they do such rukovodstvo in kindergarten, I want to show off their skills at home.

The child himself will tell you what and in what sequence he will need to make the garland. You just have to again comply with the duty of "head of security", as well as to admire the works of young artist. However, if you ask for advice, do not hit the face in the dirt!

Her artistic performances

There are children who from the earliest years loves to speak in public: to tell stories, sing songs, recite poems. The child can go to a music school, then all your guests will have to listen to a small concert, whose repertoire is the curriculum your son or daughter.

These children usually have a lot of friends, so if you are planning to organize a children's party or celebration, where some of the time and attention of the guests will be given children, you can organize a small children's theater and festival. Scope for creativity here is not limited by anything except your imagination and the children's wishes.