Earlier in the library can come to read books, against the background of a General lack of the book market was simply irreplaceable for students and fans to read. Today interest to libraries has reduced significantly. This was influenced by the spread of the Internet, the emergence of e-books, the obvious obsolescence of library collections. Therefore, the main task of attracting readers to the library and its basic concept is to continuously increase and optimize the collection. The reader should be informed that it is in the library you can find not only rare and old books, but also the most actual novelties that you can not always afford to buy. Distribute information to the means available to potential readers know about your new books.
But to continually replenish the Fund, the library will never be enough budget. Therefore, the development of related services will not only be a great source of financial injections, but also will turn the library into a business and cultural centre of the city.
Only in the library you can find rare vintage edition.
Any library can be turned into a place where the visitor can spend a whole day to get various information, communicate and entertain. Start from available space, where you can access units that provide related services.The library must be a business center that performs all kinds of services, duplication, scanning, Internet services, help writing essays, etc. Such a centre can be combined with a cafe. But if you have a separate room for dining, and it can be done-based information. Internet access, a wide range of periodicals, holding recitals - all this will attract your library visitors and generate additional income.In one of the rooms you can access language courses, and the existing Department of literature in foreign languages will be a great help for students.
An Internet cafe will bring a library of additional income.
If the size of the library small, maximize their space. Walls can be issued for small exhibitions and halls for the exhibition of objects of folk art. Reading rooms can rent out for scientific conferences or meetings with writers.
For the implementation of such programs take the work of a specialist in public relations, which will deal a permanent informing the population about services and activities of the library, and to attract additional investment. Part of the proceeds from the additional services is required for direct replenishment and optimization book Fund. The purchase of modern literature, electronic catalogues, service and a selection of bibliography on specific topics will make visiting the library a convenient and necessary to the reader.
In the corridors of the library, you can organize the exhibition.