You will need
  • - the notebook.
Pick up a notebook, the design of which will correspond to the intended content. This book does not require compliance with strict form, so you can allow the child to choose a notebook with any favourite pattern. The number of sheets should be selected based on the child's age and the period in which designed this diary. Check with the teacher. Some teachers are asked to make a diary for one year, while others believe that it will be used for a longer time.
The first page we get as an analogue of the title page. Here write the surname and name of child, grade in which he is learning at school.Specify the title of a "Diary reader". In addition, it is important to put the start date and fill it - it is easier to keep records of time spent on reading books.
The markings start with a turn. On the left page place the three graphs. The fine, in a few cells, is traditionally assigned by a sequential number. The following will contain the title and author. Here the child may specify different numbers of chapters, their names. The last column "Main characters" will be called actors.
Right page split into two columns. The first of which is "the Main theme and plot," and the second "impressions of after reading". Tell your child that he will have to write in these graphs. In the first case it could just be a short story about the content of the work. But in the section "Experience" the child needs to write what he personally thinks about the events and situations described in the book. Here, he can briefly describe his most favorite moments.