You will need
  • - a weak solution of manganese;
  • - strong coffee or tea;
  • - lemon, oranges or tablets of vitamin C;
  • - dill;
  • - cucumber pickle;
  • - med;
  • - mint;
  • - activated charcoal
The most effective way of quickly sobering up with alcohol pereborschila guest is calling him vomit. Take the person to the toilet, ask him to lay two fingers in his mouth and push them on the root of the tongue. Thus everything eaten and drunk them over the last couple of hours, including alcohol, will immediately leave his body.
If you stick your fingers in your mouth man refuses, ask him to drink a weak solution of manganese. To cook it, throw a few crystals of manganese in a pint of water and well stir the resulting tool. After 10-15 minutes, have a person appear nausea, followed by vomiting.
A great way to quickly sober up man – to give him a strong brewed hot coffee or tea without sugar. The drink is supposed to be tart, even bitter taste. After a couple of drinking cups of this means in the head to get over with alcohol a guest is noticeably clearer.
Quickly sober person with the help of vitamin C. encourage your child to eat a sour lemon or two oranges. Can use pharmacy vitamin C in the form of large effervescent tablets. Dissolve two tablets in a glass of water and give to drink the resulting tool guest.
In order to quickly sober up drunken guest, for 5-10 minutes greatly RUB his ears with his palms. This action promotes a rush of blood to the head.
For the much sobering drunken man let him chew on fennel seeds or prepare for him a decoction of dill. Invite the guest to drink cucumber pickle, in which there is a sobering dill.
Every 20 minutes give the guest a teaspoon of honey. After 3-4 of this product in the mind of the person becomes clearer. His health will improve and peppermint chewing gum.
Whichever method of sobering up with alcohol to get over the person you choose, remember that significantly speed up the process administration of activated charcoal.