Signs of a hangover

What is a hangover? For the common man, the term means the natural way of sobering up. The body itself is struggling with alcohol intoxication, so a hangover is accompanied by headaches, General weakness, nausea, malaise.

To reduce the risk of a hangover, you need to drink alcohol to follow the simple advice:
- do not drink on an empty stomach;
- before the first toast drink any sorbent (e.g., activated carbon);
- it is advisable to eat a fatty meal, due to which enveloped the walls of the stomach;
- don't forget to have a snack;
- do not stir drinks.
Mixing drinks leads to a rapid absorption into the blood, thereby accelerating the process of intoxication.

What to do when the hangover?

The morning after a high Jinks leaves much to be desired. Usually in the moment of awakening man is hungry and other unpleasant consequences of drinking. In any case it is impossible to start the morning with re-admission glasses of liquor, as it gradually leads to binge drinking.

Appropriate in the presence of a hangover to free the stomach from toxic substances. With this purpose, you need to drink plenty of fluids, and then artificially induce vomiting. As a rule, after output of the contents of the stomach improved.

Make you feel cool shower that sobers the mind and stimulates the internal organs.

In the absence of high pressure and other contraindications to help cope with a hangover the following drinks:
- cold green tea with 1 tsp honey and a small amount of lemon juice;
herbal infusion of chamomile, mint, calendula and hawthorn berries;
- ammonia solution: in a glass of water it is necessary to take 1 h. L. "natirki".

The gradual return of appetite indicates the withdrawal of alcohol from the body. During this period, you should not "gang up" on a heavy meal as the stomach is weakened. It is necessary to give preference to gentle food: dairy products, oatmeal, salads, fresh vegetables, foods high in vitamin C.

Deep breaths, contribute to improved ventilation, whereby the alcohol is much faster. That is why after drinking there is a characteristic smell of "fumes". Helps to cope with a hangover the inhalation of aromatic oils of lavender, peppermint, pine, sage and others.
Helps to cope with a hangover the inhalation of aromatic oils of lavender, peppermint, pine, sage and others.

If folk remedies do not produce positive results, you need to go to a medical facility, as in severe alcohol poisoning can occur adverse effects.